Midgets Year 1-4 For all Enquiries for this grade call Malcolm Greenstreet 027 563 9728

Players in this age bracket don't play formal games but instead have fun based skill sessions which are more appropriate for their age and stage. To register click on 'register as member' at the top right of your screen and follow the on-screen instructions. When selecting a team click on 'choose teams' and then Midgets Cricket.

Playing age: This grade is for absolute beginners (Yr1 - Yr4) who want to start playing cricket but may lack the skills or confidence to play formally in teams against other clubs. Sessions are designed to be fun and learning for both kids and parents. Boys and girls play together.

Sessions: These are run by a Suburbs Club Coach from 4.30 - 6.00pm at Ken Maunder Park. The first session will be on the 26th October 2018 and the last session before Christmas will be on the 14th December 2018. Sessions will then restart on the 1st February with the season ending on the 22nd March. 

Games: No Saturday games or training sessions for this grade. 

Gear: All playing gear will be provided by Suburbs. 

Clothing: Players shoud wear closed in shoes and a sunhat! Players should wear a white shirt but there is no requirement for Suburbs shirts (but these are available from Player Sports if players wish to purchase them). A Suburbs cap is included free as part of the subscription and will be available at the first session.

Subscription: $110

Cancellations: Friday cancellations will be posted on the Suburbs Junior Club Facebook group. 

For all Enquiries for this grade call/email Malcolm Greenstreet 027 563 9728 Malcolm.greenstreet@tegel.co.nz