Coachers Corner

Coaching requirements for the 2018/19 season

From the 2018/19 season onwards it is now mandatory for Junior Coaches to undertake a coaching qualification relevant to their grade. To start the process, Coaches need to visit the New Zealand Cricket website and click on community > coaches corner > coaching courses. Both courses have an online and practical element. Once you have filled in your details, NZC will send you your login information. Login to your profile and click on 'login to online learning' to begin working your way through the modules, 'submitting' your answers as you go if you're happy with your score. When submitting your score, please choose 'Chris Mundell' from the list of names. You can come back to the modules at any time and your progress will be saved. Once you've worked your way through the course and the Welfare of Children and Vulnerable Adults modules, please contact the Grafton office who will give you details re attending a practical session. Coaches will need to bring photo ID with them to the session so the office can submit your details for police vetting. 

Coaches of Y1 - 4: Foundation Course

Coaches of Y5 - Under 19's: Advanced Foundation Course 

Foundation Course: Mums and Dads, grandparents, volunteers, teachers, beginner coaches or cricket development officers wanting to help young 5-15- year-olds mainly involved in modified games or formats. The practical element of this course will be confirmed shortly. 

Advanced Foundation Course: This course is for those people coaching or assisting 10-14 year old primary or intermediate school students playing junior cricket for their club or school. The online modules cover many aspects of coaching (role of the coach, selecting a team, developing team values and culture, planning, how to run effective practices, match day routines and tactics, umpiring and scoring). The practical module consists of skills and drills and coaching experience. The practical element of this course will be run by a SNLCC coach before the start of the season, dates and times to be confirmed. 

If you have any queries regarding coaching courses, please contact us in the office


Who needs to be police vetted?

Any Staff Member and Volunteer who has Regular (once a week or at least 4 days in a month) or Overnight Contact with a Child or Vulnerable Adult must be Police Vetted.  This will include coaches, assistant coaches, umpires and managers. Police vetting is not necessary for persons who assist on an occasional basis.

Coaches need to bring photo identification with them to the practical element of their coaching course so the office can submit their details for police vetting. Volunteers can still perform their roles whilst a police vet is in progress. Umpires and managers need to go on the following site, choosing the 'umpires, scorers and team manager' option under 'Coaching level'. From here the office can then start the police vetting process for you. 

If you have any queries around police vetting please contact the office